I just wanted all my debts wiped off and start living my life again

David reached out for help – and we answered

“Time was low for me”, states David. He was more than £10,000 in debt and owned money to various types of creditors including payday loans and banks.

“For the first time in my life I asked for help, I searched online and I was lucky. I found financial support when Jason contacted me and I told him my situation and said I just want a fresh start”.

Jason, a member of our team, managed to find David an option where he could deal with his debts in five years with an IVA. As David was prepared to pay back his debts over a period of 10 years, he was delighted. After all, Jason had just halved his imagined repayment period.

“Jason is a top bloke and was really understanding about my situation, it’s because of him and the financial support he gave me I’ve managed to get my life back on track. He is a credit to the business and you should be thankful you have him working for you”.

Although David has only recently started his IVA, he’s expected to currently write off around £2,500 (approximately 25%) of his total debt.

David's IVA

  • Total Owed £10,382
  • Monthly Repayments £132
  • Amount Written Off £2,462 (25%)
  • (25%)

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Note: At MoneyFixers, we take customer privacy very seriously. Although these stories are real, the names and photos have been changed to prevent identification.