Five Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle on a Budget

It’s fair to say we’d all live a healthier lifestyle if we could. Unfortunately, many feel it’s not as easy as it sounds – often dissuaded by the additional costs incurred with a healthier diet. As one study, published through Plos One, reported:

Since 2002, more healthy foods and beverages have been consistently more expensive than less healthy ones, with a growing gap between them.

However, living a healthy lifestyle is not about making sweeping changes overnight. A small improvement – even by one per cent – is better than nothing. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, many of these small changes won’t break the bank. Here are five of our favourites:

1. Shop around before buying organic

You might be surprised to see – in an article about living a healthier lifestyle – us dissuading you from organic foods. However, in some cases, the ‘organic’ label is used to hike up costs. Any nutritional benefit which you thought you may be receiving is actually negligible.

We’re not saying organic food isn’t worth your time, but it’s worth shopping around to determine whether this is better than food sourced at your local market – for example. Alternatively, some supermarket own-brands can be great value for money while also being good for your health.

Shop around. You may find more nutritional meals available at a fraction of what you’d pay for organic.

2. Make your home a gym

A gym membership can be an expensive purchase – with some costing around £50 per month. Even worse, it’s common for these to sit around unused. If you want to cut the cost of having a gym membership but still want to exercise, then consider what you can do at home.

There are multiple free apps and YouTube tutorials helping people work out from the comfort of their homes. Why not give them a go and see what you can achieve?

3. Enjoy the great outdoors

Although you may wish to incorporate a run into your exercise routine, there’s a lot to be said for just heading outside and enjoying the fresh air. After all, not every change to your lifestyle is meant to be a physical one – your mental wellbeing is just as important.

Spending a few hours strolling in the sun can make a world of difference – not only that, but you’ll get some decent exercise in as well.

4. Switch from fresh fruit and veg to frozen

When making some changes to your lifestyle, eating more fresh fruit and veg may be considered a no-brainer. However, these products can be pricy and may spoil quickly – which can lead to a waste of food and money.

You can solve both these problems by switching to frozen fruit and veg. From carrots to strawberries, these versions can be just as nutritious and will usually keep for longer.

5. Investigate free meditation programmes

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing. Although technically meditation is completely free, classes typically charge. The good news is there are free apps out there – and sessions on YouTube – which can help you get the most out your meditation session.

With sessions starting from one-minute, there’s always time to focus on your mental wellbeing.

Is it time to give your finances a tune-up?

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t cost the world – and even making a small improvement is definitely possible. Getting your finances in better shape though can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

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