Is Debt a Dating Red Flag?

What qualities do you look for in a potential partner? For many people, they may search for such traits as a nice smile, good sense of humour, and confident demeanour. However, if you thought your bank account wouldn’t enter the mix, you’d be mistaken.

In a survey conducted by Business Insider, the publication discovered that more than 25% of millennials would consider how much student loan debt a potential suitor had before pursuing a long-term relationship with them.

Furthermore, the survey discovered that almost 35% of respondents would first consider a potential partner’s total debt.

With debt being such a normal part of everyday life, this survey may come as a shock to many singletons looking for love. The important thing though is not to be discouraged – it’s not how much debt you owe but rather how you deal with it.

“We were on different pages about money”

This revelation isn’t exactly new. In an article for an investment firm, reporters spoke to a woman named Melissa who discovered that – after a series of great dates – her prospective boyfriend owed large amounts of debt.

However, the figure wasn’t so much the problem but rather his attitude towards it:

When he mentioned having ‘a bunch of credit cards’ and had a very ‘shrug’ attitude about all of it, it just felt like we were on different pages about money. It made me question if he would be able to fit into the life I was working so hard on or if he was going to bring me down financially.

Whether or not you agree with Melissia’s views on dating people in debt, financial seriousness is a common dating trait which isn’t exactly new.

It’s not about the debt, it’s about our attitude to debt

When debt becomes a dating factor, it feels wrong because it’s so unromantic. It’s difficult to imagine a fairy story or rom-com where the leads start checking out each other’s financial history.

Money is complicated, but hiding from the realities of it can be a red flag to your prospective partner. After all, they might think if you don’t seek help to deal with debt, how will you handle other curveballs in life?

When finances are poor, it’s tempting to seek escapism. However, as anyone who has had multiple creditors chasing them knows, you cannot hide from debt forever. Eventually, you’ll need to confront the matter head-on and seek a solution.

As a bonus, this demonstrates to your partner that you’re someone who can be relied upon in a crisis. Let’s face it, that’s one heck of a desirable trait.

Let’s deal with debt together

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