How many of these 25 dad skills do you have?

From funeral costs to making sure your family is looked after, there are a lot of things to think about before you die. As a result, of all the subjects, the money and debt you owe might just be temporarily pushed to one side.

Researchers have identified the top skills modern-day dads should possess. After interviewing 1,200 respondents, the researchers compiled a list of the top 25 talents fathers should be competent in. From setting up computers to being a wizard in the kitchen, take a look at the list below and see how many you have:

  • 1. Being able to cook a meal.
  • 2. Providing your child with the best environment for a good education.
  • 3. Helping your kid through college or university.
  • 4. Being able to set up Wi-Fi and a Netflix account.
  • 5. Assembling flatpack furniture and being able to paint a house.
  • 6. Being able to update a computer and set up a games console.
  • 7. Teaching your child about technology.
  • 8. Giving advice on relationships.
  • 9. If they have a son, teaching them how to shave.
  • 10. Setting up a BBQ.
  • 11. If they have a baby, helping with night feeds.
  • 12. Taking their kids to school.
  • 13. Being able to untie difficult knots.
  • 14. Telling bad jokes.
  • 15. Being able to take good photographs and videos.
  • 16. If your child’s favourite toy breaks, being able to replace it.
  • 17. Playing ‘make believe’.
  • 18. Setting up parental controls online.
  • 19. Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments.
  • 20. Providing the deposit for their child’s first home.
  • 21. Knowing the words to chart songs.
  • 22. Being able to braid hair.
  • 23. Being active on social media and keeping up with the latest internet slang.
  • 24. Following the latest trends in fashion.
  • 25. Helping their child set up a YouTube channel.

How many did you get?

Looking at this list, it’s evident dads have to be more technologically-savvy than their predecessors. For example, setting up a Netflix account is apparently a skill to master. Still, one thing the report didn’t reveal was how much all of this costs.

From helping kids get on the property ladder to comparatively smaller purchases such as the latest games console, few would argue that raising children is expensive. We all want to provide the very best for our little ones but it can be difficult if struggling with debt. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

How we can help

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