Fun Half-Term Activities to do With Your Children Without Breaking the Bank

It might not seem long since the summer holidays ended, and the kids were finally back in school. However, October half term is quickly approaching, and it is important to plan activities to keep the little ones busy and avoid overspending on your monthly budget. We understand it can be difficult to think of cheap things to do that your children will enjoy whatever the weather, so we’ve put together a guide for you to use this half term:

1. Explore the great outdoors!

It’s always a great idea to utilise the free resource of nature to let the kids run around, explore and drag them away from their computer and TV screens.

Try renting or borrowing some bikes, grabbing a football or some tennis rackets and take them to your local park with a picnic.

Local animal farms are also a fun day out for children and often only charge a small fee for entry.

The National Trust are running a wide variety of free events across the UK this October half term.

2. Don’t let the weather rain on your fun

Don’t let the cold, rainy weather stop your little ones from having fun this half term – there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself indoors without spending a fortune.

Local leisure and community centres are often great places for offering low-cost activities for children.

Catch a movie – most cinemas offer discounted tickets for children as cheap at £2.50, such as Cineworld, the Odeon or Vue Cinema.

Local museums are also great places to search for free, fun events during half term to attract more families.

3. Plan your trip in advance

Being well-organised is the key to budgeting, so whatever your plans be sure to calculate a budget and try to stick to it.

If you’re travelling further afield it is important to plan well in advance to find out the cheapest way to get there - use these tips to help find the cheapest train tickets available and be sure to compare this to the cost of driving, including parking and petrol, as it can often end up being much more expensive.

Wherever you are heading, be sure to look online for special deals and vouchers for restaurants as many put on special deals for half term.

Hopefully this list inspires you to have some fun with your children this October half term without spending a fortune. However, if you are stressed about your finances and how you’re going to make ends meet this month get in contact with MoneyFixers today. We can help you apply for an IVA that could allow you to write-off some of your debt and take back control of your financial situation.